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The arbequina olive originates from the little town of Arbeca, in Lérida, although it has spread throughout Spain and the rest of the world due to the high quality of its oils and its ability to adapt to different climates and soils. The trees are not very vigorous and quickly go into production, which makes them very suitable for modern cultivation techniques, and the early ripening avoids the risks of frost that can occur in December and January.

Arbequina olive trees produce small olives, which give rise to sweet and aromatic oils, with few bitter or spicy flavours.  Due to their popularity and geographical extension, arbequina oils can have many different flavours, but in general, vegetable aromas predominate: grass, apple, banana, tomato.

Arbequina oil is a delicate and smooth oil, very suitable for accompanying fish or seafood dishes, for dressing salads or simply for having on a toast with some tomato.  Its non-invasive flavour makes it ideal for dishes such as Spanish omelette or gazpacho, as it provides texture and aroma without dominating the rest of the ingredients. It is also very suitable for sweets and pastries thanks to its sweetness and low bitterness.

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