Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 – Wooden case 2×500 ml

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Wooden case with 2 bottles of 500 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina cultivars, produced immediately after harvesting on October 24, 2022. The extraction was made cold, at a temperature of 22º and it is marketed unfiltered. Tasting notes: Sweet, delicate and harmonious. Intense fruity aroma of grass and banana, with hints of almond and tomato. Slightly spicy finish. In the mouth it is an elegant and silky oil. Very balanced, sweet and slightly spicy.

Note: Due to the high cost and bureaucratic procedures, we regret that we cannot ship to the Canary Islands.

Harvest 2022 sold out

The Castillo de Monteagudo Family Reserve is very limited: we select the best olives and produce exclusively the oil that we are going to sell during the year until the next harvest, in order to offer our customers a product of the highest freshness and quality.

We are already working on this year’s harvest and in a few weeks we will have the new AOVE Reserva de Familia Castillo de Monteagudo 2023.

Shall we let you know?