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In Castillo de Monteagudo we take exhaustive care of all the factors necessary for the elaboration of an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality: we select among our estates those that have the best olives, which are the ones we will use to elaborate our oil while we sell all the others.  We harvest the olives at the moment they offer us the maximum aroma and flavour, we immediately take them to the oil mill in small boxes to prevent them from being crushed and we carry out the cold extraction with the most advanced technology so that the oil preserves all its properties.

As we have a relatively small area – 50 hectares – our olive trees receive meticulous attention throughout the year.  We permanently monitor their state of health and their needs in order to obtain olives of the highest quality.

A few weeks before harvesting we analyze samples from the different estates to choose those with the best fruit, which we will use to produce our oil.  We collect the olives early (in October or November), which allows us to produce higher quality EVOO with more intense aromas and flavours.  These early harvest oils are also superior in their physical-chemical composition, with a greater presence of polyphenols, which are substances where the antioxidant properties of olive oil reside, and less acidity and peroxides.

In exchange, early oils sacrifice productivity: to produce one kilogram of early oil, ten kilograms of olives may be needed, while for a normal or late harvest oil, five or even fewer kilos of olives are sufficient.

To attain the highest quality it is essential that the olive is collected directly from the tree, without coming into contact with the soil (what is known as “fly olive”).  In our case, we ensure this by using state-of-the-art harvesters that pick the olive from the tree without damaging it.

Once the olive is separated from the tree it begins to lose qualities, so it is necessary that the journey to the mill is short and the grinding immediate.  At Castillo de Monteagudo we grind our olives just ten minutes from the lands. In addition, we transport the olives in small crates to avoid their crushing, so they arrive at the mill freshly harvested and in perfect condition.

There they are ground in a modern stone mill that allows the oil to retain all its qualities.  They are then passed on to the malaxation process, which is done by controlling the temperature to be below 27 degrees to prevent the loss of aromas.

Finally, by centrifugation the oil is separated from the water and the solid parts of the olive, and is transferred to the decanters to eliminate the remaining impurities before bottling.

All this process is done exclusively by physical procedures (crushing, centrifugation and decanting by gravity), so the result is a natural juice from the olives, with all its natural aroma and flavor and all the components that are beneficial to our health, without having been in contact or having any added substances.

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