Memory of our land

Castillo de Monteagudo is a crafted extra virgin olive oil that we produce in a traditional way with selected arbequina olives from our estates in Monteagudo, located in the Ribera de Navarra in Spain.  We combine our family’s olive-growing tradition, which dates back to 1429, with the most advanced technologies to obtain an extraordinarily high-quality olive oil that carries within it the flavour and memory of our land.

About Us

We are the sixteenth generation of a family that has been producing olive oil from our olive groves in Monteagudo, located in the Ribera de Navarra in Spain, since 1429.  More than 160 years ago our olive oil received national and international awards. Today we have renewed our olive groves and we preserve a small batch of our best olives to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all the flavour of our land.

Our History


The Kings of Navarre donate the Lordship of Monteagudo to Mosén Floristán de Agramont


During these years new olive groves are bought


King Charles II grants the title of Marquis of San Adrián to Joaquín Magallón, Lord of Monteagudo


After the War of the Succession, the fields were devastated and it became necessary to replant them with new olive trees


The Marquises of San Adrián promote enlightenment in Tudela with the creation of the Real Sociedad Tudelana de Amigos del País (Royal Society of Friends of the Country of Tudela), which makes recommendations for the improvement of olive growing


The oil of the Marquis of San Adrián is awarded a bronze medal at the Exhibition of Agricultural Products in Madrid


A hydraulic press is installed in the Monteagudo oil mill


The oil of the Marquis of San Adrián obtains a diploma from the United States Congress at the International Exhibition in Chicago


A new oil mill is built in Monteagudo


Oil production in the Ribera de Navarra region falls as a result of heavy frosts and the appearance of more profitable crops


The current Marquis of San Adrián begins to replant modern olive groves in Monteagudo


Castillo de Monteagudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is launched on the market with olives selected from the best estates

Our Oil

Castillo de Monteagudo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in a completely artisanal way with arbequina olives from our estates in Monteagudo (Navarra), selected and harvested at the optimum moment and cold ground immediately after harvesting so that it retains all the flavour, aroma and properties of the fruit. An oil that carries within it the memory of our land.

Cultivation Of Olives

In Castillo de Monteagudo we take exhaustive care of all the factors necessary for the elaboration of an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality:  we select among our estates those that have the best olives, which are the ones we will use to elaborate our oil while we sell all the others.  

We harvest the olives at the moment they offer us the maximum aroma and flavour, we immediately take them to the oil mill in small boxes to prevent them from being crushed and we carry out the cold extraction with the most advanced technology so that the oil preserves all its properties.


I always choose the best products for my customers and for myself. And since I tried Castillo de Monteagudo olive oil I don´t use any other.

Juan Loriente

Chef and owner, El Lago de Sanabria

The main attractive of Castillo de Monteagudo olive oil is that, having a lot of flavour and aroma, it is not excessively strong, so it combines with any dish without overpowering its flavours.

Miguel Garrido

Member, Royal Academy of Gastronomy and Academy of Gastronomy of Madrid

Castillo de Monteagudo has been a discovery for me. An oil with a different personality. A flavour that awakens pleasures with slightly spicy touches. Magical and unique...! A gift for the best palates!

Almudena Bermejo