Producing Olive Oil since 1429

Arbequina oil, early harvested and unfiltered

Memory of our land

Castillo de Monteagudo is an extra virgin olive oil handmade with selected arbequina olives from our farms in Monteagudo, in the Ribera de Navarra.

We combine the olive-growing tradition of our family, the Marquises of San Adrián, which dates back to 1429, with the most advanced technologies to obtain an olive oil of extraordinary quality that carries within it the flavor and memory of our land.

EVOO arbequina

Castillo de Monteagudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in a completely artisanal way with selected Arbequina olives, harvested at the optimum moment and cold-pressed immediately after harvesting to preserve all the flavor, aroma and properties of the fruit.

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We are already working to offer you again very soon the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the 2023 harvest.

An oil with flavor, with history... and with values

Sustainability and respect for the environment

We use our resources responsibly to avoid their depletion, ensuring their sustainability in order to pass them on to the next generation.

Long-term vision

We do not act with the next quarters or fiscal years in mind, but with the generations that will follow us. This vision is reflected in everything we do.

Commitment to the community

We allocate 1% of our production to NGOs for use in soup kitchens. In addition, we cooperate with our community and other institutions in different projects.

Highest quality

We spare no effort or investment in olive grove management or oil production, using only the best olives and always prioritizing quality over yield.

Cosecha 2022 agotada

La Reserva de Familia de Castillo de Monteagudo es muy limitada: seleccionamos las mejores olivas y producimos exclusivamente el aceite que vamos a vender durante el año hasta la siguiente cosecha, para ofrecer a nuestros clientes un producto de la máxima frescura y calidad.

Ya estamos trabajando en la cosecha de este año y en pocas semanas dispondremos del nuevo AOVE Reserva de Familia Castillo de Monteagudo 2023.

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Harvest 2022 sold out

The Castillo de Monteagudo Family Reserve is very limited: we select the best olives and produce exclusively the oil that we are going to sell during the year until the next harvest, in order to offer our customers a product of the highest freshness and quality.

We are already working on this year’s harvest and in a few weeks we will have the new AOVE Reserva de Familia Castillo de Monteagudo 2023.

Shall we let you know?