Harvested and milled last October 30th, decanted for a few days and bottled without filtering so that it retains all its original flavour and purity, Castillo de Monteagudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in selected shops and on the website From one month before harvesting, we carry out weekly analyses to determine the optimum harvest time and select the best plots of land.  In 2021 we chose two plots, with a total area of 2 hectares, whose olives had the low maturity index (1.3) required to obtain a great and aromatic oil.  Harvested on the morning of 30 October and cold-milled on the same day, after a

In these days of heatwave, marked by intense heat and drought, we remember how, as far back as Roman times, canals were built for irrigation in the Queiles valley, which carried water from the Moncayo to the fields.  These canals were greatly extended by the Arabs, forming an extensive network of irrigation channels.  As is usually the case with any scarce and valuable asset, there were always those who took advantage and used water that did not belong to them, and through the centuries authorities have had to make an effort to regulate the use of the water and to prosecute infringers. We share an interesting document from the archive

The secret to making a great olive oil is very simple: to have excellent olives, and not to spoil them in the mill. Our olive trees already have the tiny buds that will give rise to the flowers from which the olives will grow. In autumn we will select those from our best plots of land to produce a small amount of exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

In Southern Navarre (La Ribera) we have a saying that indicates when to eat asparagus: “April´s asparagus, for me; that of May, for the master; June´s for none ". With the month of April, this delicacy has already begun to appear in the markets and on restaurant menus, which is now at its best in terms of flavor and texture. Today they are eaten roasted, grilled, raw in carpaccio, with eggs, and in a thousand other ways, but until a few years ago the traditional and almost unique way of preparing fresh asparagus was to boil them. It is advisable to use a tall and narrow saucepan and put the asparagus

Christmas is coming. A Christmas that is going to be very different to any other Christmas that we have experienced. A Christmas full of uncertainty, in which we still do not know how many, or with whom, or where we will be able to meet. We know that it is not the most important thing. In fact, it is perhaps the least important thing. But the tradition of Christmas gifts - even if they are no longer gold, incense and myrrh - is a way of showing our love to those who share the holidays with us and of sending our appreciation and regards to all those who matter

We produce our olive oil in one of the northernmostareas where the olive tree can be successfully cultivated.   A set of factorsmakes it a unique olive oil: GEOGRAPHY- Castillo de Monteagudois located in the Queiles valley, a region in southern Navarre framed by two geographical landmarks: the Moncayo mount, more than 2,300 metres high, and the semi-desert spot of Las Bardenas.  Theselandmarks give our olive oil a unique personality.“CIERZO” WIND- A cold and dry Northwest wind that blows in Monteagudo more than half the days.  According to the Roman writer Cato, it was capable of knocking down an armed man or a cart.  It dries out the plants and