Four reasons wich make Castillo de Monteagudo a unique extra virgin olive oil

We produce our olive oil in one of the northernmostareas where the olive tree can be successfully cultivated. A set of factorsmakes it a unique olive oil:

  • GEOGRAPHY- Castillo de Monteagudois located in the Queiles valley, a region in southern Navarre framed by two geographical landmarks: the Moncayo mount, more than 2,300 metres high, and the semi-desert spot of Las Bardenas. Theselandmarks give our olive oil a unique personality.
  • “CIERZO” WIND- A cold and dry Northwest wind that blows in Monteagudo more than half the days. According to the Roman writer Cato, it was capable of knocking down an armed man or a cart. It dries out the plants and makes plagues more difficult.
  • IRRIGATION SYSTEM – An ancient system of irrigation ditches, dating from the time of the Arabs, carries the water from the Moncayo and allows support irrigation when necessary.
  • TRADITION – Olive oil has been produced in the Ribera de Navarra since Roman times. The remains of oil mills in the area bear witness to this. In Monteagudo, since 1429 our family cultivated olive groves and produced olive oil. In the 19th century we were awarded different national and international prizes: in 1893 the Congress of the United States of America granted a diploma to our olive oil for its “fine taste and fruity flavor”.

Nowadays, with the most advanced techniques and with the same care and dedication as always, we produce a unique extra virgin olive oil. An oil which carries within it the memory of our land.