Our 2020 harvest

On November 16, the feast of St. Margaret of Scotland, at eight o’clock in the morning, we began harvesting the Arbequina olives with which we immediately produced our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The previous analyses indicated that the olives were at the optimum point of ripeness to obtain an oil of intense flavor and aroma.

It was a cloudy day, with temperatures between 7°C and 15°C. Therefore, the olives arrived at the mill very fresh and the extraction was cold, with no need for refrigeration.

Early in the afternoon we were able to taste the first sip of the recently elaborated oil, which caused us an excellent sensation: fruity aromas of grass and banana, elegance in the mouth?

It now rests for a few days in stainless steel tanks to decant, in a completely natural way, the tiny traces of pulp that still remain in suspension, and in a few days we will be able to bottle and distribute it.