Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is coming. A Christmas that is going to be very different to any other Christmas that we have experienced. A Christmas full of uncertainty, in which we still do not know how many, or with whom, or where we will be able to meet.

We know that it is not the most important thing. In fact, it is perhaps the least important thing. But the tradition of Christmas gifts – even if they are no longer gold, incense and myrrh – is a way of showing our love to those who share the holidays with us and of sending our appreciation and regards to all those who matter to us and are not with us, whether they are family, friends or clients.

This Christmas we suggest a healthy gift full of flavour, a gift that will remain on palates and in the memory for a long time: Castillo de Monteagudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Recently harvested and produced -in November 2020- it preserves all of the flavour and fragrance of the arbequina olives with which it is produced and of the land in which the olive groves are located.

Castillo de Monteagudo is one of the few olive oils in the market that carries in its bottle such important information as the exact date when the olives were picked and the oil was produced.

We propose for this Christmas a handmade wooden box with two 500 ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina variety Castillo de Monteagudo.