The 2021 vintage of Castillo de Monteagudo Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is now available.

Harvested and crushed on October 30, decanted for a few days and bottled without filtering so that it retains all its original flavor and purity, Castillo de Monteagudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in selected stores and on our website.

From one month before harvesting, we carry out weekly analyses to determine the optimum harvest time and select the best plots of land. In 2021 we chose two plots, with a total area of 2 hectares, whose olives had the low maturity index (1.3) required to obtain a great and aromatic oil.

Harvested on the morning of 30 October and cold-milled on the same day, after a few days of decanting it is bottled without filtering so that it retains all its purity and flavour.

In the analysis, Castillo de Monteagudo extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity (0.18% compared to a maximum of 0.80% for extra virgin oils), with a peroxide index also much lower than the authorised minimum (6.6 compared to 20), due to the exhaustive selection of the olives and its careful production. And, despite being bottled unfiltered, its impurities are ten times below the permitted levels (0.01% compared to 0.10%).

When tasted, the 2021 vintage of AOVE Castillo de Monteagudo has the typical characteristics of the arbequina olive. With a very intense green colour, it is offered unfiltered and therefore translucent. It gives off an intense aroma of fresh grass, fruit and banana, with some hints of almond. Local vegetables such as tomato and artichoke can be detected. In the mouth it is silky, with good structure. Very balanced, sweet and with a medium pungency.

Available in our characteristic square bottle of dark glass to avoid light, the AOVE Castillo de Monteagudo is one of the few oils in the world that carries a label with the exact date of harvesting and crushing of the olives, in this case October 30, 2021.