An oil with values

Aspects such as our history, tradition, the location of our lands or the production method deeply define the philosophy of Castillo de Monteagudo. But we also feel a deep pride in working day by day around values to which we want to give special relevance because we consider them fundamental in the global scenario in which we find ourselves.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Studies carried out by the Eco-Efficient Cropping Systems Group of the University of Cordoba on olive groves similar to those we have in Monteagudo conclude that they have a positive effect on the carbon footprint, exceeding by far the carbon capture to that of the energy emissions. According to this study, 1.24 kg of CO2 eq are captured for each liter of oil produced, a figure equivalent to that emitted by 40 cars during a whole year. Consuming our olive oil, therefore, is as beneficial to our health as it is to the planet.

As we learnt from our ancestors, we use our resources responsibly to avoid their depletion, ensuring their sustainability in order to pass them on to the next generation. We reduce the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products to the bare minimum, the ideal conditions of our farms help us in achieving this.

Long-term vision

There are companies that work thinking about the next quarter, most of them plan for the next year, a few do it for three or five years. When a project like ours is 600 years old and has been going through sixteen generations, the vision is very different: we do not act thinking about the next quarters or years, but about the generations that will follow. This vision is reflected in everything we do.

Commitment to the community

We allocate 1% of our extra virgin olive oil production to non-governmental organizations for use in soup kitchens.

In addition, we cooperate with our community and other institutions by organizing and participating in different projects and educational, informative and social activities.

Highest quality

We do not sacrifice any efforts or investments in the management of the olive groves or in the production of the oil, using only the best olives and always giving priority to the quality of our oil over the yield. At the same time, we carry out a strict cost control and limit all superfluous and structural expenses. This allows us to offer an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality at a reasonable price. An oil for those who value the essence over the appearance; for those who prefer to be rather than to seem.